6 Bedroom Home Plans

6 bedroom home plans : Modern bedroom pictures : Pictures for a bedroom.

6 Bedroom Home Plans

6 bedroom home plans

    home plans

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6 bedroom home plans – Maple &

Maple & Cherry Eight-Drawer Dresser: Downloadable Woodworking Plan
Maple & Cherry Eight-Drawer Dresser: Downloadable Woodworking Plan
Bedroom storage never looked better!
This dresser measures 60″ long by 17-3/8″ deep and 33″ tall.
Part of our maple and cherry bedroom suite, this Dresser matches the Sleigh Bed, Nightstand, Armoire, and Mirror.
About WOOD Magazine downloadable plans
For error-free construction, each downloadable plan includes a bill of materials, a cutting diagram, a detailed supplies listing, and, when necessary, a mail-order buying guide for hard-to-find hardware.
For a clear idea of how our projects go together, each downloadable plan includes an exploded-view drawing with helpful details. All drawings are done professionally by the WOOD Magazine staff of woodworkers and illustrators.
Large color photos and step-by-step instructions show exactly how we built the project in the WOOD magazine shop. We build each project ourselves to work out any bugs before you ever get the plan.
Detail drawings and step-by-step illustrations provide necessary dimensions and machining processes you’ll need to make the building process as straightforward as possible.
Note: This is a downloadable woodworking plan. All other materials must be purchased separately.

Office Wall Station (in bedroom)

Office Wall Station (in bedroom)
I made this the other night. I like it. I plan to hang it over my lil computer desk area after i paint the wall soon.

Make your own:
1) Light masonite board from Home Depot, cut to whatever size works in your space. This one is around 24" x 40"
COST: $3.00

2) Russell + Hazel blank calendar pages to fill in from Container Store.
COST: $24.95

3) Some Real Simple office items from Target: a tear off to-do list notebook and pencil holder.
COST: $7.99/each

4) Translucent plastic pockets from Container Store:
COST: $7.99 (for three)

5) Oversized Binder clips from Dick Blick Art Store.
COST: $0.50/each

6) Large disc hook from Container Store.
COST: $4.99

7) A few packs of the 3M mounting strips….there are all different sizes etc to choose from.
COST: about $5.00 a package, I used one larger sized pack for this project.

bedroom storage space

bedroom storage space
so this is where damon’n’i are living. like the story goes, his parents got the place with the plans of tearing it down but we get to live in it until that’s sorted. it was built in the 70s or so, i think, and it shows. but despite any disparaging comments, it’s a good house. it’s just also fun to poke fun at!

all of these shots should be considered "before" pictures, because some things have even changed since they were taken the day i got here. it looks more lived-in (read: messy), but we’ve got some decorations up now, and it’s all getting better.

bedroom’s full of closet space — that’s all the walls are. and out of 6 sets across (and two levels, bottom and top!) in the whole room, damon graciously allowed me this much of it (the rest currently houses his boxes still).

6 bedroom home plans

6 bedroom home plans

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